WiseGuys (tm)

WiseGuysCRM™ Product Overview


WiseGuys CRM, created in 2003, was significantly enhanced in Oct. 2009 to provide Marketing Automation email tools that not only generate response, but measure the ROI. Research has shown that, even with advances in technology, 3/4 of consumers want personalized product recommendations, but only 1/4 of marketers offer them. WiseGuys CRM has now filled that void.

With WiseGuys CRM Messaging you can trigger marketing communications so customers are contacted when they are likely to buy – with an offer that is targeted specifically to them.

  • Emails are sent out automatically.
  • Offers are personalized, based on their purchase history and actions.
  • You can measure response, so you know what works (and what doesn't).

The clients who have been using WiseGuys CRM Messaging have achieved some pretty impressive results – with some response rates as high as 30%.

"The response for our closeout email launch was insane. We kept refreshing our web
display to see the count of click-throughs go up!"

- Chrissy Moore, Replicarz Inc. and WiseGuysCRM user

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Important features of The WiseGuysCRM tools:

  1. WiseGuys is an add-on program to your customer database – once you are set-up, you can operate independently from your IT staff.
  2. NCDM 2006 Database Excellence AwardWiseGuys can link to most commonly used order entry systems, including Mail Order Manager. See more software integration below.
  3. WiseGuys performs Data Mining of customer transactions.
  4. WiseGuys can answer very important questions for marketers:
    A. Who are your best customers?
    B. What is the Lifetime Value of your customer base, filtered by customer segment?
    C. What is the RFM score for each customer in you customer base?
  5. WiseGuys provides Response Analysis: for you to analyze the effectiveness of your last mailing campaign. For instance, what percent of your mail file responded with an order?
  6. WiseGuys supports point and click selection for broadcast email. This allows you to select a specific audience for your targeted email message.

Easy Software Integration

DMSI is proud to announce that our WiseGuys Marketing Software can now interface with 11 popular software packages:

JD Edwards
Constant Contact

WiseGuys extends Interface capabilities with 8 software packages

  1. MAS90 Accounting software
    Recommended by more CPAs than any other business management application in its class, MAS 90 offers a broad selection of feature-rich solutions.  WiseGuysCRM successfully integrates MAS 90 accounting data with marketing functionality to provide a complete approach to customer communications.

  2. Activant POS software
    Activant's business management software provides powerful tools at point-of-sale checkout for independent retailers. WiseGuys provides a multi-channel solution to link retail transactions with marketing promotions.

  3. Natural Order
    Natural Order is a leading catalog management system from Natural Solutions of Indianapolis, IN. Natural Order facilitates multi-channel marketing for both B-B and B-C environments.  WiseGuys extends the B-B features of Natural Order to provide visibility of parent and grandparent corporate hierarchy.

  4. Mail Order Manager (MOM)
    MOM is the market leader in catalog management software, with more than 5,000 installations. MOM's claim to fame is it's ease of use. WiseGuys has interfaced with MOM since 2004, to provide B-B marketing and reporting capabilities that MOM does not support.

  5. Escalate Order Management
    Escalate offers a fully integrated, real-time operational solution that seamlessly automates all front and back end functions of a growing business. WiseGuys has interfaced with Escalate/Ecometry since 2004, to extend its marketing and CRM functionality.

  6. IBM WebSphere
    WebSphere enables dynamic, interconnected business processes, and delivers highly effective application infrastructures for all business situations.  WiseGuys completed its interface with WebSphere in 2007.

  7. Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers growing small and midsize business a powerful yet cost-effective solution that includes extensive accounting function.  The addition of WiseGuys to the Dynamics features provides a more robust marketing solution.

  8. Quickbooks integration
    For more than a decade, Quickbooks has been the standard for small business accounting. WiseGuys is able to import contact records from Quickbooks – and provide additional CRM features not available from Quickbooks. For instance, you can launch (and track response) to your company e-newsletter.


For more details, see our WiseGuys FAQ